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Pearl Properties Ltd has a wealth of experience in sourcing and financing successful development and growth within Sri Lanka and has been involved with projects and interests spanning arts & culture, property development, design, and charitable works. Pearl Sri Lanka is one of the foremost real estate consultants and agents in the South of Sri Lanka, serving foreign investors and owners in sales, investment, rentals and management.

Shakticola is a design and project management company based in Galle. It is responsible for some of the most high-end, luxury villas and boutique hotels along the south coast of Sri Lanka.

We have put together a top-class team to fulfil the highest expectations.




Since arriving in 2003 from the U.K., Eduard has immersed himself in the Sri Lankan property sector, with the goal of building happy and thriving businesses, and making a difference in the local community. By working closely with the local culture, he has done just that.

The love of property developing is steeped deep in the Hempel family as Eduard’s Father, Constantine Hempel, was one of the first developers of the boutique hotels concept in London, the Blake Hotels, which are world-renowned and frequented by celebrities over the years.

Eduard has a strong foundation in Galle, and over the years has been a bridge for people looking to investing Sri Lanka, helping many clients and businesses in the negotiation, acquisition, and development of exceptional real estate. Hempel Holdings has a track record of over 15 years in specialized property development and has been the catalyst in building a good and fair reputation with both Sri Lankans and foreign investors.

Eduard strongly believes that any development should fit in with the historical and cultural wealth of the island, and must fit into the environment harmoniously.



With a B.A. in Combined Engineering from Coventry University, UK, Trevor founded his first company with seventeen staff covering manufacture, design, administration, and fittings. He then gained extensive experience in construction and interiors in exclusive areas of Barcelona, with eight development projects, and an £8.6M development project in Kensington, UK.

Trevor arrived in Sri Lanka in 2012 to set up Shakticola with Eduard Hempel, bringing his knowledge of managing construction projects from design through to completion, as well as his understanding and experience in achieving a high level of finish for luxury interiors. He has outstanding experience in top-level interior and building products, with examples such as the Sea Heart House, Koggala Jungle View Villa and Thalpe Villa, to name a few.

Trevor has an excellent team set up in the Galle office, which develops detail architectural schemes for all their projects, and is now working as a partner on the Tamba Villas project in Thalpe.

Trevor’s excellent analytical and presentation skills and his professional dealings with clients has earned him a solid reputation in the property development sector in Sri Lanka.


The Singapore-based architectural firm ADLAB saw its beginnings in the year 2000 as a small experimental design outfit set up by Warren Liu and Darlene Smyth. It has since grown in size and recognition globally with significant and award-winning projects in Singapore, Indonesia, India, China, Canada, England, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

The firm has been granted several awards and honors over the years such as Singapore Institute of Architects awards in 2010 and 2014, shortlisting for Archmarathon awards in Milan in 2014, and Asia Excellence award in 2014. Warren has been granted the 20 under 45 designer award under Singapore’s AUDE as well as shortlisted for Singapore President’s Design Award as Designer of the Year for 2009 and 2018.

Warren and Darlene are now bringing all their global experience and expertise to Sri Lanka to create a unique and very special project in Thalpe. The firm’s policy is to not repeat designs, instead, they look at each development as a unique opportunity to respond to the environment, the brief and the culture. With Tamba Villas, great care has been taken to preserve as much of the beauty of the land and sense of place as possible. Each villa is built around a cascading green oasis of water and greenery

Tamba Villas is a project that does not overwhelm the landscape, instead, it sensitively blends into the site by bringing all the heritage, art, and color of the local environment into an evocative and stunning design. http://www.a-dlab.com/


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Part of the creative team is Stx, a consulting firm based in Singapore that specializes in landscape architecture, master planning and urban design. Stix harnesses the creativity, experience, and expertise of its staff to serve as a trusted partner for clients and to give form and definition to projects.

Since 1995, Stix has been transforming landscapes through creative solutions, resulting in dynamic spaces that are seamlessly integrated and memorable. Stx crafts timeless spaces that captivate and inspire. http://stxla.com/


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