Sri Lanka’s Underestimated Investment Potential

From incredible wildlife to its fascinating mixture of cultures, Sri Lanka is potentially the most underestimated areas in South East Asia. The utterly breath-taking scenery, glorious white beaches and historical locations are leading to a high rise in potential tourism and luxury tourism in particular. With government stability and an impressive performing stock market, which is predicted to finish among the top 10 performing stock markets in the world, the investment potential in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly stronger and more appealing by the day.

Described for years by many as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the natural beauty and diversity of this mesmerizing place will well and truly capture the hearts of visitors and potential investors. Sri Lanka and its people are praised for their welcoming, generous hospitality and acceptance of different cultures and religious beliefs.

In the past few years Sri Lanka has invested heavily in the development of its educational system resulting in an intelligent, high tech production service, along with an impressive infrastructure needed to support future investments. The government has adapted an open market free economics policy and also liberalised the economy. This leads to greater privatisation while opening the economy to international competition. The city of Colombo gains recognition from its port, which is one of the largest human-made harbours in the world. Colombo has birthed industries such as textiles, clothing and glass production along with gem-cutting and food processing. The city handles most of Sri Lanka’s foreign trade and is home to government corporations and multinational headquarters.

Sri Lanka’s second city, Galle is also becoming increasingly popular amongst visitors and investors. Situated around a three-hour drive from the bustling, business capital of Colombo, few places can proudly boast about historical sites like Galle does. Although steeped in history is definitely not stuck in the past. Dubbed the ‘cool’ capital, this city is bursting with bohemian boutiques and restaurants, with a few luxury hotels scattered around the coast. Galle is brimming with incredible attractions that visitors cannot wait to experience, such as the Galle Fort Flea Market which features pop-up café’s and live music. `

With world class shopping centres, excellent nightlife, an abundance of theatres and art, not to mention the variety of luxury accommodation dotted around the island. There are over seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, 250 acres of blissful botanical gardens, exceptional educational systems and luxury apartments along with a selection of both private and public healthcare facilities. Investors can rest assure that the country has an independent system of courts and a highly independent judicial system. Sri Lanka offers a spectrum of opportunities making it a truly remarkable place to live and work.

There is no better time to invest in this captivating country than now and uncover the natural beauty, diversity and potential this place has to offer.