‘Meditation’ by Pahala Gallage Lahiru Madusanka


‘Trying hard to unform the leaf’ by Mallawa Arachchilage Sjeewa Nishantha Malawaarachchi


‘She can make many delicacies. This is the fashion and passion of her life by W.A. Miroshan S. Wikkramaarachchi.


In partnership with the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, Tamba Villas Thalpe is calling all amateur photographers to reflect on what inspires them about our beautiful island.  We are asking you, to share your best moments of Sri Lanka, and share this through photography.

The ‘TAMBA SHOT’ photography competition is based on four sections:

  • Section  1- Into the Jungle
  • Section 2- Food, Delicacies & Fashion
  • Section 3- Adventure & Activities & Nature
  • Section 4- Architecture & Influencers

This competition is open to Sri Lankan amateurs’ (residents only), age 18 and over.


1st Prize Winner – Cash price of LKR.100,000./-

2nd Prize Winner – Cash price of LKR.35,000./-

3rd Prize Winner – Cash price of LKR.15,000./-

The Winner’s photograph will be posted on Tamba website, FB, Instagram and other social posts. Winners will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges, including representatives from the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka and Tamba Villas Thalpe.


  1. Take a photograph that depicts one of the values mentioned above. You are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 photographs; only 1 entry per Section.
  2. Save your picture(s) under the number of the Section it represents. (For example, if you are sending a photograph that depicts ‘ Into the Jungle’, the image should be titled and saved as Section 1 – ( your title)’.)
  3. Email your photograph(s) to comp.tambavillas@gmail.com
  4. Include the following details in the body of your email:
      1. Full name
      2. Date of birth
      3. NIC number
      4. Residential address
      5. Contact number (preferably a landline and a mobile phone)
      6. A caption and a brief description explaining how the photograph depicts the value selected (a maximum of 25 words will be allowed for each description)
  5. PLEASE NOTE: A requirement for entry to the competition is you sharing your entry photo with as many people as possible so that we can both gain exposure. You will need to post a copy of your photo on your social media profiles using the following hashtags and provide proof of these with your entry. Facebook @tambavillas @pssl.lk Instagram#tambavillasthalpe #pssl_lk.Without this proof your entry will not be accepted.

Image specifications

  • Images should be saved in JPEG format
  • Maximum file size should be 1.5MB or less
  • Images should be a maximum of 1400 pixels in width and a maximum of 1050 pixels in height (including any borders)
  • Image resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi
  • Photograph can be in colour or monochrome
  • Pictures can be taken from a mobile phone or a digital camera


Peter Aitchison

Photographer Australia

Peter Aitchison, a renowned and respected photographer who has worked in the commercial and editorial fields for over 30 years, Peter’s prowess and professionalism with a camera and lighting has him widely regarded as one of the best in the field.

His work includes an impressive portrait folio of celebrates such as actor Sam Neil, musician/politician Peter Garrett, Susie Porter, Kerry Ann Kennel and the legend Bob Marley. Peter’s involvement with Australian Geographic extended for over 30 years from the magazine’s outset with owner/founder Dick Smith, covering many subjects from an award-winning assignment (PATA AWARDS) Houtman Abrolhos Islands to covering life and culture in Nimbin, Australia.

Peter has worked for many well-known magazines, brands and companies, including Men’s Health, Mercedes Benz, Quicksilver, Sunova, Canon, Siemans, Sunday Magazine, Time Magazine and the list goes on. Peter has recently been on assignment in Thailand documenting an elephant sanctuary for SUP magazine, and working on a book about their plight. He is also working on a publication about dancers in Australia and overseas.

Luxshmanan Nadaraja

Sri Lankan Photographer

A wildlife and commercial photographer for over 30 years, Luxshmanan Nadaraja is based in Sri Lanka but has travelled and photographed extensively internationally.

Wildlight (his studio) has a large library of photographs of wildlife, people, landscapes, festivals and scenes of traditional life in SriLanka. His publication The Nature of Sri Lanka is a book of his wildlife photographs. His other publications are Gardens of Lanka, Sri Pada Peak Heritage of Lanka and Sri Lanka A Heritage of Water.
Luxshmanan’s photographs also appear in the book Serendip to Sri Lanka in collaboration with Nihal Fernando and Eloquence in Stone in collaboration with Studio Times.

Luxshmanan Nadaraja is sharing his experience and passion for wildlife photography in his expeditions in Sri Lanka and Africa, which are ideal for photographers and happy trippers too.

Nela De Zoysa


Nela De Zoysa, the daughter of Justin Samarasekera (one of the founding fathers of the architectural profession in Sri Lanka) has become the only Sri Lankan to win the coveted ARCASIA Gold Medal architectural award as judged by the Architects Regional Council of Asia, the first Sri Lankan female to receive the South Asian Architect Commendation Award and the only Sri Lankan after Geoffrey Bawa to receive an honorary fellowship of the American Institute of Architects.

Nela is a true chameleon as an architect – from her home which is saturated with the filtered light and inside/outside spaces worthy of Bawa to the award-winning “House No. 8” built on a site needing to conceal an eye-sore and to her industrial complexes bearing resemblance whatsoever to her residential architecture but have nonetheless won awards for excellence in their own right.

Nela’s fantastic use of colour in her finishes its quite spectacular. It punctuates the detail in her architecture and is probably attributable to her artistic skills. Nela’s litany of awards and recognition was as equally important to her for lifting the worldwide profile of the Sri Lankan architect community and to hopefully giving them opportunities to forge new and interesting paths in their careers.